Nissan LEAF Winter Wiper Tuneup

The winter wet season is upon us again, and now is the time to tune-up the windshield wipers on your LEAF for optimum performance.  The job of your wipers is to essentially squeegee off the rain, snow, dirt, grime, bugs, bird droppings, etc. that accumulate on your windshield.  While the majority of this stuff gets wiped and then blown off of your car, a good amount of it can simply get stuck to the wiper, which can cause the blades to smear, skip, and be less than effective in providing a clear clean windshield.  Over time, a wiper blade will start to wear and the wiping blade will separate from the wiper body, making the wiper even more ineffective. Continue reading “Nissan LEAF Winter Wiper Tuneup”

LED Headlight Upgrades: A Brighter Idea

One of the easiest automotive upgrades you can do is to upgrade your headlights with brighter and more modern light bulbs.  Over the years, lighting technology has been steadily improving, starting with brighter halogen bulbs, and then HID Xenon bulbs. These bulbs were brighter but had drawbacks from poor color temperature, poor beam pattern, or a need to do significant rewiring of the headlight enclosure. Continue reading “LED Headlight Upgrades: A Brighter Idea”